Innovative design for flow optimization with a reduced pressure loss in open valve position. Reduced torque for low actuating moments aimed to facilitate the operations of all actuators.

Long life of all sealing systems. All the gaskets are located safely in the no-flow zone.

Long-Life of the valve in all conditions with all internal and moving parts in stainless steel. The body is completely protected by Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection FBE coating.

Accurate construction completely made in europe with the use of cutting edge technologies for all components.

Linear flow control up to 96% of the total stroke of the valve.

Cavitation prevention using sophisticate solutions in any condition.

Main features
Corrosion protection by FBE coating 300 microns.
Potable water approved DM174 / WRAS / ACS
Class A tightness According to EN 12266
Control valve in straight way type
Standardized face-to-face for the whole range
ICIM Product Certificate:
DN80÷1600 PN10-16
DN80÷1000 PN25
Easy installation
Reduced pressure loss.

Sizes / Pressure Classes
Product range from DN 80 to DN 2000
Pressure classes PN 10-16-25-40-64-100

Design Codes & Product Standards
EN 1074-1 / EN 1074-5 / EN 1349
Face-to-face according to EN 558 S15 (F5)
Flanges according to EN 1092-1/2 or ANSI B16.5 CL 150/300/600

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